Introduction of First Medical Virtual Reality Educational Product of GMU


According to webda news agency, the director of e-learning unit of gonabad university of medical sciences center stated: “in this project, 3 educational virtual reality (VR) videos with titles such as : ‘how to hand rub’ , ‘how to handwash’ and ‘CT simulation’ were made in both English and farsi language, with the help of special technological devices. The three mentioned videos were compiled in the form of an educational DVD and simultaneously uploaded on websites that were able to play virtual reality images. It is necessary to mention that these VR videos were the first medical products of this field of technology in Islamic Republic Iran's medical university.”

Dr Seyed Farzin Mircheraghi added on this subject: “Virtual reality is a newfangled technology which has developed in the recent decades and today it’s used extensively in various educational, military, recreational  and medical fields in an increasingly fast pace. In this field of technology special softwares and hardwares, high quality 360 degreed images are produced and the product can be observed with special headsets. Considering the unique 360 degreed and 3 dimensional design of these images and attached sounds, the user will experience the feeling of being detached from his surroundings and immersed in a new space ie., the world of ‘virtual reality’. Thus, in spite of the physical existence of the user in real environment, he will experience some moments in a completely different space. For instance with the help of virtual reality, someone who’s sitting at home can feel being in a different place for some minutes,  which depending on VR contents. This virtual space can be a laboratory, skill lab, operation room, CT scan imaging room and etc. In this way we can induce the feeling of being at mentioned space virtually, in spite of being in a completely different place, physically.

Dean of the Gonabad school of medicine added: “ In this project, 3 distinct VR product were constructed: a VR CT scan simulator for the use of patients suffering from claustrophobia[1] and two VR 360 degreed videos about Handwash and Handrub, for the students, staffs, physicians and paramedics. Therefore the virtual reality user, can benefit from watching the educational videos and simulations with the mentioned technology just by having a mobile phone with gyroscope and a virtual reality headset with suitable price of less than 15 dollars.

Dr Mircheraghi considered using virtual reality technology as a golden chance to improve the education, researche and medical care and said: “ In spite of the abundance of limitations, Gonabad University of Medcial Sciences had a significant undeniable development in educational fields (specifically e-learning) and will try to become a 3rd generation university , with the help of virtual reality technology ,with even a faster pace and has prepared numerous plans in using this technology in different educational and clinical fields; Particularly due to the cost-effectiveness and safety of VR. Although only a few numbers of universities from all over the world have entered this field, seriously.

In the end, the Dean of the Gonabad school of medicine appreciated the effective supports of the university’s president, university’s Vice-Chancellor for education, and chief of 22nd Bahman hospital and called this project as a factual example of acting upon the Iran's Supreme Leader’s advices about ‘creativity and prosperity’ and specifically ‘Economy of Resistance’ in the year of ‘Economy of Resistance; Action & Implementation.’


Translator: Bahare Taghavi – Medical Student

 Edited by: Dr. Seyed Farzin Mircheraghi



[1] Fear from enclosed spaces
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