Organizing a Scientific Teleconference on Hyperprolactinemia & Tele Grand Round

International teleconference and telegrand round has been held on sunday 30th October 2018.
International online meeting has been held by Dr Pedram Javanmard Endocrinologist and Attending Physician from Mount Sinai Hospital in New york city as guest lecturer, in two parts; The first part was scientific conference on hyperprolactinemia and the second part was a tele grand round about an Iranian patient suspicious to adrenal and pituitary disorders who came to Bohlool Hospital internal medicine clinic.
This meeting has been held by the same time in both conference halls of Bohlool hospital "for extern and intern students" and gonabad medical school for students of pathophysiology of diseases course .
It should be mentioned that by the cooperation of medical school dean, this meeting was successfully handled by e-health student scientific society of the university.
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